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Special supplement in Journal of Translational Medicine (Open Access)


A Special Supplement for the Journal of Translational Medicine is being achieved. It includes a selection of the most relevant outcomes from the project and some related external research contributions from the scientific community:



  1.  Prologue from the EC Project Officer

  2. Synergy-COPD: a multidisciplinary approach for understanding and managing a chronic non-communicable disease.


 3. Disease Heterogeneities in COPD: variable identification for patient stratification.

 4. Systems Medicine: modeling frameworks and their interactions in COPD.

 5. Lung modeling and its use in disease research.


 6. The Synergy-COPD Knowledge Base: a data exploitation approach.

 7.  Simulation Environment and Graphical Visual Application: a COPD use-case.

 8. Knowledge sharing in the health scenario


 9. The Digital Health Framework

 10. Clinical Decision Support Systems (CDSS) for preventive management of COPD patients.

 11. Workforce preparation: The BioHealth Computing Model for master and PhD students.

 12. Predictive Medicine: Challenges and Opportunities


Synergy-COPD at the ICT’2013 in Vilnius (Nov’2013)

The ICT2013 Conference took place in Vilnius (Lithuania) on 6-8 November 2013. Synergy-COPD was selected to present its results at a boot in the “Digitally Empowered Citizen” area, where several members of the BDIGITAL and IDIBAPS team were present. A special video was prepared for the occasion, which was also published on the EU website .

In addition, Filip Velickovski, researcher at Barcelona Digital was selected to participate as “Young Ambassador” promoted by the DG CONNECT Unit of the European Commission. This program at ICT 2013 gave a chance for researchers to learn about ICT research opportunities, meet with speakers, senior researchers and delegates, and be responsible for all online reporting and dissemination of ICT2013.








ICT 2013 Poster A0 without Hz2020


Synergy-COPD at the Healthcom’2013

Synergy-COPD presented progresses in its Simulation and Integration Environment at the HealthCom’2013 International Conference on e-Health Networking, Applications and Services, held in Lisbon from the 9th to the 12th October.

At this occasion, Mercedes Huertas form Barcelona Digital presented the conference paper “A simulation and integration environment for heterogeneous physiology-models”, describing a new simulation tool developed to offer a common frame of simulation for models developed in different programming languages. This simulation environment is targeted at bio-researchers and medical students, and constitutes a framework to support the observation and analysis of physiological mechanisms. The tool has been evaluated using models of the physiology of a chronic disease, namely the chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Eight deterministic models and one probabilistic model have been considered, which are related to the respiratory chain and are represented in different languages.

Donwload the presentation.


Synergy-COPD international workshop (Barcelona, 13th March 2013)


Project Workshop “Toward Personalized Medicine for Patients with Chronic Disorders: a Systems Approach to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease” organised by the Synergy-COPD consortium

The workshop was held in Barcelona on 13 March 2013 (School of Medicine, Aula Magna, Casanova 143), from 8:30 am – 2:00 pm. 

This workshop had the following objectives: To share project achievements, current challenges and strategies with local and international actors currently shaping the 2020 healthcare scenario wherein convergence between Integrated Care and 4P Medicine (Systems Medicine) should be in place.

The workshop involved all the members of the project consortium, and was addressed to health professionals, policy makers, translational researchers and also to the students of the Master of Clinical Research.


Synergy-COPD at the 2nd VPH-2012 Conference (London, U.K., 18-20 September 2012)

The Virtual Physiological Human Network of Excellence (VPH NoE) will hold the second of the series of VPH Conferences (VPH 2012) on 18 – 20 September 2012. VPH2012 will be an international conference on computational biomedicine, with a clear focus on the integrative aspects of VPH. Special attention will be given to the ‘Digital Patient’ as well as ‘health forecasts’. VPH2012 aims at reaching outside of the VPH community to other equally important communities: systems biology and genomics.

In this respect, the conference shall truly encompasses all possible scales to model physio/pathology with a clear ICT focus. Synergy-COPD project consortium will participate in a special session devoted to the Physiome: multiscale modelling of physiology and pathology presenting project results in  a paper dealing with  ABNORMAL O2 TRANSPORT/O2 UTILIZATION LEADS TO HIGH MITOCHONDRIAL ROS GENERATION AND SYSTEMIC EFFECTS IN COPD PATIENTS WITH POOR PROGNOSIS, Cano I. et al. This study has facilitated to properly address the complexities of the interactions between mechanistic and probabilistic modelling in Synergy-COPD that should allow exploring the underlying mechanisms of systemic effects associated to abnormally high mitochondrial ROS generation.


Synergy-COPD at PerMediCon (Cologne, Germany, 19-20 June 2012)

 The PerMediCon (Personalized Medicine Convention) 2012 takes place in Cologne on the 19-20 June. This international congress covers a ride range of different fields, from basic research and preclinical and clinical patient oriented research and application to the introduction into the health care sector. This interdisciplinary event will deal with a broad variety of topics presented by renowned representatives from the fi elds of science, industry, medical profession, administration, politics and investors, as well as patient organisations. Additional to the different topics dealt with at PerMediCon, political, economic, ethical and regulatory conditions will be discussed as well.

This year for the first time, the so called “project sessions” have been included in the programme, where selected consortia from science and industry will be presenting application oriented projects to the plenum in presentations. Among them, Synergy-COPD will be presented by Dr. Dieter Maier (from Biomax). See the full programme.


Synergy-COPD at the EISBM data-analysis workshop (Lyon, France, June 13-15, 2012)

The European Institute for Systems Biology & Medicine (EISBM) organises a workshop on data-analysis, to be held in their premises located in Lyon (France) on June 13-15, 2012.

Coordinated by Dr. Charles Auffray, the  workshop’ aim is to review analytical methods for data analysis and integration, including supervised and unsupervised methods, network modelling, and multi-scale integration.

The Synergy-COPD project is invited to provide contribution to this forum. Dieter Maier (Biomax), David Gómez-Cabrero (Karolinksa Institute), Nil Turan (University of Birmingham), Isaac Cano and Luigi Ceccaroni (BDigital) will present the Synergy-COPD approaches, knowledge management, model integration and simulation environment during the sessions scheduled mainly on the 14th of June.

The final program is available.


Synergy-COPD in the VPH NoE newsletter, January 2012

 VPH NoE newsletter, January 2012, pages 23-24


Synergy-COPD: Modelling and simulation for systems medicine

Luigi Ceccaroni

Felip Miralles

Filip Velickovski


From: Barcelona Digital Technology Centre



Luigi Ceccaroni and Filip Velickovski co-authors of the VPH-FET Research roadmap

VPH-FET Roadmap aims to identify the most interesting challenges that the VPH vision posed in term of radically innovative technological research and set recommendations for the health sector at the European level following two leading criteria:

1. Grand challenges in ICT research that if solved could drastically boost the full realisation of the VPH vision (ICT for VPH);
2. New technologies that for their nature could have an impact beyond the VPH domain (VPH for ICT).

The focus is to truly visionary ideas, that are not yet mature enough to be fully explored in applied programs, but that require some incubation and fundamental research.

Filip Velickovski and Luigi Cecarroni are co-authors of Chapter 8 “Web of Models”. The Roadmap can be found at:



‘La medicina se digitaliza’. Entrevista de Felip Miralles en LA VANGUARDIA


Felip Miralles es entrevistado por Roser Amills  - LA VANGUARDIA   Oct 17. 2011