Synergy-COPD at the ICT’2013 in Vilnius (Nov’2013)

The ICT2013 Conference took place in Vilnius (Lithuania) on 6-8 November 2013. Synergy-COPD was selected to present its results at a boot in the “Digitally Empowered Citizen” area, where several members of the BDIGITAL and IDIBAPS team were present. A special video was prepared for the occasion, which was also published on the EU website .

In addition, Filip Velickovski, researcher at Barcelona Digital was selected to participate as “Young Ambassador” promoted by the DG CONNECT Unit of the European Commission. This program at ICT 2013 gave a chance for researchers to learn about ICT research opportunities, meet with speakers, senior researchers and delegates, and be responsible for all online reporting and dissemination of ICT2013.








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